Darwinian Gender Studies: Building bridges, not walls, between the sexes.

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I am currently writing my dissertation about the misrepresentation of rape conviction rates by the media and feminists who regularly claim convictions are below 5% when the actual rape conviction rate in the UK is currently 65%. This misrepresentation is known to discourage victims of sexual assault from reporting to authorities. It may also embolden offenders who believe, as most people do, that they are unlikely to be caught and brought to justice. Why are feminists doing this? To promote feminism and “rape culture” over and above real advocacy for victims of sexual abuse. For more context read this short article in The Independent.

Secondary research hypotheses concern female bullying in the workplace and in institutions such as the NHS, which costs the NHS billions in lack of productivity, sickness due to stress and workplace attrition. I also write about female strategies of competition and cooperation and am developing a hypothesis to test about the rise of cancel culture being an explicit manifestation of female intrasexual competition in our culture. Read more about this thesis in an article on this site here.

I explore many of these subjects in my essays on this site. Take a look around. I recommend this piece to settle you in Sexy Isn’t Sexist: Boobs! Science! Comedy!, a celebration of human sexuality and an adaptation of my stand up comedy routine Sexy Isn’t Sexist which I supported Simon Evans on the Newcastle leg of his Genius tour in the UK.

I am also a freelance blogger for The Post Millennial.

Paula Wright is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

Darwinian Gender Studies: Sex and gender studies via the lens of critical thinking not critical theory. Read the Darwinian Gender Studies proto-manifesto here. I will be updating this new site soon.

I am currently studying an MSc in Psychology, Culture and Evolution (Evolutionary Psychology) at Brunel London. Supervisor Professor David Schmitt. Current academic referee’s Professor David Buss and Professor Catherine Salmon.

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In 2008 created the online forum Darwinian Gender Studies (DGS). After The God Delusion (TGD) was published, I observed people calling themselves “rational atheists” on the Richard Dawkins forums (RDF) begin to confidently assert that evolutionary psychology was a pseudoscience, even though Richard Dawkins was a sociobiologist. The RDF lost its identity after that. It was as if Dawkins had only ever published one book. Quite soon after, there was a schism between the rational atheists and the breakaway Athiest+. This latter group, though nobody knew it at the time, was rational atheists + intersectional feminism. Then GamerGate happened. That was the beginning of the culture war we see today.

As a Darwinian, and being in the odd position of not being able to find a home on the Richard Dawkins Forums, I created Darwinian Gender Studies. This was a forum about human nature informed by evolutionary theory (biology, psychology, anthropology, ethology, etc- sociobiology basically) and was based on E. O. Wilson’s idea of the consilience of the natural and social sciences.

Soon, DGS was literally bursting with the world’s greatest minds in Darwinian science and I felt genuinely privileged to have a small part in creating it. I was still looking after my son full time but was very happy for people to be inspired by the forum (I always kept it under 1k members to maintain the quality of debate). As an independent scholar, I had the privilege to be mentored by Helena Cronin, Daniel Nettle and the late Anne Campbell. DGS became a true intellectual salon. As with all collectives, the founding community went through its own schism very much like rational atheists and atheist+. Understanding human nature, this is predictable, but it’s not helping the problems at hand, which continue apace.

I’m now studying formally and writing professionally. I’m a problem solver and I’m here to apply my own unique perspective to tenacious problems and create meaningful solutions, not enjoy the social perks.

Coming from an underprivileged background, with no family or safety net, with Asperger syndrome, I depend on sponsors. If you are in a position to help, and I know not many are, please do. £$70 a year is not much and it’s cheaper than the monthly $£7.00.

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I also plan to launch a podcast. In the spirit of the original DGS forum, this will not be geared towards getting as many subscribers as possible but on the quality of debate.

Paula Wright is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

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Paula Wright

Paula is an evolutionary psych, writer, cartoonist, erstwhile comic actress (ex-dramatic actress) and all round Renaissance woman. She is @SexyIsntSexist on Twitter.